KO WAI MĀTOU? (who are we?)

Huia Hair is a Business created By Me, Cloey Huia a Wavy hair Māmā. 

It started when I decided to take better care of my hair. I was constantly straightening my hair every week, from my teens to mid 20s. One day while brushing my hair before straightening, I looked in the mirror and stared at my BIG, THICK, CURLY. -WAVY Hair and asked myself....WHY am I doing this?

I was always trying to hide my curls and when I looked at my natural self in the mirror, I thought...

"why am I about to hide this beautiful thick hair?" 

"Why am I dimming my light to suit the beauty standards?"

For others it may not be so deep but for me in this moment it was. And I finally let go of the whakaaro (thought) that I needed my hair to be straight to be seen as "put together" or "professional" and decided to embark on my natural hair journey. 

Fast forward a few months and I decided to look for brushes or any hair tools that could help my hair become more defined and more volumous and I struggled to find local stores that had a brush for what I needed at an affordable price.

That is where the idea began, I wanted to create a business that could help supply curly/Wavy/coily hair styling tools and products to the local market, that did not cost a fortune to buy.

I remembered my mother, aunties and cousins brushing my hair when I was a child. I dreaded that moment as it was so painful to detangle my hair. This helped me decide the first product I wanted to source...

A brush that does not damage curls and is P!

So here I am with my business hoping to supply Products that cater to Curly heads everywhere who are either starting their natural hair journey like I did, A mother who has a child with curly hair, or somebody that is looking for great hair products.

Thank you for stopping by and I really hope you enjoy our shop.

Ngā mihi

-Cloey xx