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Best decision ever!

I have long thick hair and it’s always been a struggle to brush by hair without clumps of hair falling out of having to really brush aggressively to get rid of all the knots. The detangler brush really made a difference to my hair and it’s now so much easier to manager. I couldn’t be happier 😊

On Detangling Brush

Roberta P


Thank you for the prompt delivery! Perfect gifts for my 6 nieces. Love supporting Maori Made! On Hinenuiterā Lipgloss

Amie P

Beautiful Products and Great Service!

Not only was shipping super fast, but these are absolutely gorgeous! Perfect amount of colour, goes on beautifully- not sticky- and lasts! Just love them. On Hinekura Lipgloss

Julie J

The names.

Alot of the names of our Products are in Te reo Māori (The Māori language) as we like to incorporate our Indigenous Language with our business because we are a Māori owned and operated Pakihi (business). We also use the double vowels as that is to represent our Tainui Mita (Dialect). We use the macron also on some of our kupu (words) on the website.

No Photoshop. Real People

We don't photoshop any of our images and the photos are of REAL beautiful people. We want to remain 100% transparent and Authentic to all of those who visit our website.

We are A Cruelty free Kaupapa

No animals were harmed or tested on for any of our Products we sell. We make sure that the products we sell and how they are made align with our Values.