Where to begin? 🤔

DISCLAIMER: I can only speak on my own experience and can not guarantee that everyone will have the same results. Please do what's best for your curls and go by your own Experiences. 

 Kia Ora everyone! 

So todays blog Is to talk about where I Began on my natural hair care journey. I started off with a big chop and decided to cut my hair because I needed to get rid of all the dead ends I have accumulated over the years of not trimming, endless straightening and lack of routine. I cut it just above my shoulders, for myself it was a sigh of relief.

1st I did a little research on how to fix my hair and came across an interesting read about wavy and curly hair is naturally dry

The oil from our scalp does not reach the ends of our hair because of it’s shape. Hence, additional products are needed to ensure they get hydrated, moisturised and defined! Expecting great curly hair with just  a shampoo is a mistake!

2. Finding out my curl type. how do your curls form? are they loose or tight curls ? it can be a little overwhelming but you will get through it. Knowing what I know now I highly suggest finding a good Curl specialist/stylist so they can give you a more in-depth look at your curls. Tash @ the curl bar in Auckland, New Zealand is amazing! she can also tell you what products you need for your certain hair type. she helped me with mine.

 3. One Size does not fit all. take into consideration that what works for others may not work for you, And that's ok ☺️ I started off with the CGM which is the curly girl method and that is a great start. a few steps I did when I first started

Step 1: Cleanse. 

Wash my hair with a co-wash conditioner or a sulphate-free shampoo. A product which gently cleanses my curls without stripping them. Massage your scalp for at least one minute before rinsing. I love using our Scalp Massage Brush for this part! With soft silicone bristles, Our Scalp Massage Brush makes cleansing curls so easy and it feels amazing. Then rinse out, allowing the suds to wash over the rest of my hair.

Step 2: Condition & Detangle

Next, apply a healthy amount of a silicone-free conditioner to my curls. You want to make sure that you saturate hair with conditioner. It should feel slimy! Then I gently detangle using my fingers or Our Detangling Brush wide tooth comb. Finally, rinse most of the conditioner from your hair.

Step 3: Style

Now your hair is cleansed and detangled, now we apply our styling products some prefer gel others prefer a curl cream, but for me I have both. I apply my curl cream first and rake it through while I shake and rake my hair with my hands and then I also apply my gel. I add these styling products whilst my hair is still wet. Then I scrunch my hair by gathering my hair in both hands and then scrunching to my head.

Step 4: Plop

Now I plop my hair into a cotton t-shirt or into Our Microfibre hair towel, Flip your head upside down and wrap your hair towel around the base of your head. Tie in the front, and then flip over to “plop” your curls. I like to keep my hair wrapped while I apply make-up to remove excess moisture. Then I either let my hair air dry, or I dry it with Our Collapsible Hair diffuser on low heat.

And I'm off ! I may also add some more curl cream or gel as I my hair dries but I try not to add too much product as this may weigh my curls down and they will be flat and not bouncy. You learn as you go as to how much product you need for your hair.

I apply this routine every time I was my hair, I may only wash my hair every three days or once a week depending on how my hair is, but this is the routine I use and when it comes to night time..

STEP 5 : Nightime.

At night I wrap my hair in our Night time Sleep bonnets that is VEGAN satin and is great for keeping my curls safe and helps prevent hair breakage and frizz. so it keeps my curls defined. and then I wrap it again in our Satin head scarf for extra Protection. and by morning I refresh with some water and detangling spray.


 and I hope this helps ☺️ 

Ngaa mihi 

-CLO xx