The beginning of my natural hair Journey.

Kia ora!

This is my first ever blog post so please excuse the grammar mistakes and Tone. Thank you for reading this btw! 

Where to begin? ok so it all started when I was straightening my hair one day just my regular weekly routine which was to straighten it weekly and leave it until the week after or until my next hair wash day. I didnt grow up with a welth of knowledge when it came to hair maintenance all i knew at that time was to keep it clean and neat which for me was Straight hair. So i actuall took a look in the mirror and stared at my curly brushed out hair.. it was big and curly and fluffy... but this time I actually really loved it, I started to cry and couldnt believe it took me this long to see the beauty in my hair. I noticed the bottom part of my hair was completely dead, fried out and full of split ends. so i decided to cut it right up to my ears. it was a HUGE RELIEF ! like a New Beginning.

Fast forward 2 months I decided to do some research on curly hair maintenance and what i could do to salvage my curls. I learnt about plopping, Diffusers, curl creams, curl oils, deep conditioning, Wash day, detangling and so much more and which tools that can help my hair and the different methods to help.

I came across the CGM (curl girl method) was a great start but found a few things with the method didn't work for my hair and that's ok, it helped me for a beginner. It was a great starting point for me and was able to work from there.

Moving on to the tools to help my curly hair was Detangling brushes, Microfibre towels, Hair piks, satin scrunchies and alot more ! I realised it was hard to source these tools out locally and found myself going overseas to other business and the businesses i did find in australia or nz were a bit out of my price range (she was on a budget). That's when i decided that i wanted to begin my business of providing hair tools locally for customer around Australia and NZ. That was the beginning of Huia Hair co. 

By beginning this blog post i am hoping to help others buy sharing what i have learnt and continue to learn with my natural hair journey. This journey is really a one size DOES NOT fit all. Everybodys hair is beautiful and uniques in its own way and we do what is best for our hair. I really hope my koorero and thoughts helps others.

Ngaa mihi

Clo. xx