New Year, Same Goals?

Kia ora! 

Cloey here!

I have been a minute since I jumped on the blog and w my thoughts here. I want to use My blog for a brain dump, helpful tips, and maybe some new products I have tried.

So Last year my business started great! And then declined slowly, and so did my motivation. I am not sure if other business owners have felt the same way sometimes on their business journey, but for me, at the end of Sept 2022, I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to close for good. My partner at the time was my saving grace they were helping me get out of my mental block and burnout. So coming into Dec 2022, I decided to return for Christmas and go to A market stall, which helped jumpstart my passion and motivation again.

Reading through my goals for 2022, most of my list was ticked off, and there was one on that list that wasn't achieved, and that was the launch of my haircare products. I underestimated the process and didn't realise how much mahi could go into this, but I was also trying not to downplay the Mahi I have done to get the ball rolling. Creating a product from the ground up with no prior experience is HARD! Finding a Manufacturer that wanted to work with me and help me with my dream was hard, but thank goodness we found one. So here I am at the start of 2023 in my homestead with my t tamariki around me, and all I can think of is how far I have come. I have a goal that I still need to achieve, but I am ok with that. Personally, I am well. But the main thing I need to learn is Patience, Which I intend to do, Āe I may not have the product lined up and ready now or maybe not even by march, but shiiii you bet it is going to be Launched !!

So I will keep consistent with this blog to help me share my thoughts, products and everything for hair. Learn Patience, and Stay Motivated.


Ngaa mihi. xx